For The Love Of All Our Pets

Welcome to the Rottweiler Web Site

Due to popular demand since Jade gave birth to our 10 Little Puppies, we have launched this web site to keep all their Cyber Aunties/Uncles and various friends upto date with all the coming and going’s of The Crew.

We welcome you all to join our little gatherings or just have a browse around and see what has been happening

Training Your Rottweiler To Listen To YouAlso since the launch of our general followers web site launch, we are finding more and more that people are trying find out more and more information on just about everything concerning their pets. Therefore as time moves forward we are creating more and more new sections to help as many people as possible.

Perhaps a good and simple place to start would be simply describe the general personality of a Rottweiler.

Rottweiler’s are a powerful and robust breed, the Rottweiler exudes confidence and self-assurance. They will seldom walks – they trot. Although curious, he is not quick to make friends and often appears aloof. They thrive on and need exercise and work. They will run beside a bicycle, jog with you or swim with you as well as play ball for hours.

Bred to be a guard dog, he can be calmly protective, assertive, belligerent or even aggressive.

Be sure you can physically handle a full-grown dog. Firm and careful training that starts early and continues consistently is critical for this breed. They will reward you with love, undying loyalty, and companionship. Whilst a Rottweiler is a true friend for life, it is imperative that you ensure their care comes first and that you can assert yourself over them, it is expected and part of your job to always be the Alpha Dog in your family pack. Still think a Rottweiler would suit your family envorment, why not have a look at our help and support pages.


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