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18/02/2010 Latest News

ROSCOE Finds His Forever Family

Hi just thought I would update you. seems like we have a limited edition andrex puppy dog!

Enzo got his paws on a toilet roll this morning it was all over the house! We have got him loads of toys but he tends to like the ones he steals the best. He’s had alsorts this week, a pair of socks, shoe, spoon even a lump of coal! His training is coming on, he now knows lie down and shake a paw. Having lots of fun with him, he’s full of beans at the minute.

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9th Febuary 2010 –

ROSCOE Update From His Forever Family

Enzo is doing very well, he has settled in and is now one of the family. He is keeping us all very amused with his cheeky little ways. He keeps trying to play with our cat Kitty, but she wont let him get to close just yet, so he steals her toys and runs off to his bed with them! very amusing.
We have had him out on lots of walks and he is getting used to things like prams/strollers, bikes, joggers and other dogs.
His confidence grows everyday as well as his training. We can put treats on the floor and say “leave it” and he will although he doesn’t yet understand when we say “yours” that he can have it!One of his best tricks at the moment is chewing hair, he keeps getting my boyfriend when he’s on the floor.
He is a very good natured dog although I think we should of called him mischief!

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Holly Mae – (AKA Bonnie)

HOLLY MAE Leaves for Her New Forever Home

Febuary 2010 – Holly Mae is Adopted by Her Forever Home

Holly Mae – (AKA Bonny) Has settled into her new home really well. Slept right through her first night with no little messes anywhere. Has been out on a lead with her new brother Cylde, taken to walking really well. This family are pretty good with technology so we are hoping that they will be keeping us very much upto date with lots of tales and picturers.
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Febuary 2010 – Ace is Adopted by Her Forever Home

ACE Is Adopted By Her New Home

As of 8/2/2010, Ace is now living on a farm in Cumbria with his forever family. We already know that he has a brother and sister to run around with all those fields and forests with, (Black Labrador and a Jack Russell). We can only hope that the chickens, sheep and all the other animals can handle our little man running riot all over the farm. Dont know about you guys, but I would most certainly pay to see his reaction to the first chicken or something.

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January 2010- Heidi – (AKA Louisie Lou)

LOUISIE LOU Finds Herself a Forever Home

Louisie Lou has now been collected to spend the rest of her life happy life with her new family in place called Rossendale on the outskirts of Manchester in the UK.
Mum (Wendy) has promised that they will keep us up to date and send pictures as much as possible, although she is not great with computers and will be asking her family to help out with sending pictures.

Great News Everyone – We have a few new pictures of Heidi – (AKA Louisie Lou) – She has settled down really well, loves to be out wlaking on the lead in the countryside. No more messing in the house now, love all her new teddies and is becoming very devoted to Wendy. She thought there might be problems at first because it appears the Louisie Lou wasn’t settling without her Brothers and Sisters around her. She is also now becoming less dependent on perm loving and attention, but that may have been my fault for having paid her so much attention as a baby.

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Manchester Dogs Home Arson Attack.


Please help us help these guys and show your support through #dogselfie or You can donate by visiting Just Giving

You can also donate by text sending MDOG57 followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070.
Seriously can not believe what I am hearing and seeing – Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home was set on fire last night.

Please show your support with the #DogSelfie and #ManchesterDogsHome fund raising campaign to action some backup facilities whilst the #doghome over comes this problem.
Here is our #dogselfie of me and #amazon, father to our #lea of the original Rotty Ranch – the Rottweiler Crew, who was once a puppy at this very centre.

Honestly how could anybody set fire to a animal rescue centre, knowing there was little chase of them escaping with most staff gone home. I hope the person behind the blaze is caught and is charged for each and every count of murder they caused. Dogs and animals are no different to us as humans.

Here are just a few of our #dogselfies

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