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Having heard so many amazing stories and seen so many pictures from all of the Cyber Aunties that have been kind enough to support our puppies with gifts and advice, I felt we should enable the Great Cyber Aunties to share their stories. This section is open to any body and everybody who wants to have their picture and stories posted on the web site. Most importantly are all of the Cyber Aunties that have supported me in so many different ways with the crew as they grew up.

From the listed links within this web page, you will find complete slideshows and and histories of many of our online followers. Being such fantastic friends and animal lovers we could not leave them out of our web site. Most importantly the Rotty Ranch Crew would have never let me live it down. Lea would have most certainly given me a major ear ache and Jade, well Jade would have just been doing her little dance until we completed the Cyber Aunties & Uncles Sections. Why not have a look around and meet all of their little crerw, we can promise you, you will not be disappointed with the content.

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