For The Love Of All Our Pets

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Meet Amazon, Amazon is a Rottweiler that we rescued a few years ago from Manchester Dogs Home. I think through more luck than judgement, after my pervious Rottwieler Smirnoff was put to rest, I had decided that I would not be getting another dog, but within a month or so I just had to get another dog, so I started making a few phones to friends, one of whom had family at the dogs home. It turned out that Amazon had just gone in that morning. An 8 month old puppy, so cute and adorable. The moment I saw him, I knew he would be coming home with me by close of business that day.


Pic 1

Why was Amazon taken to the Dogs Home you ask, well I have never worked that one out, he has been a fantastic pet and dog, no real behaviour problems, house trained, soft and gentle. Such a perfect little gentleman as I would call him. His only downfall, he loves to play, throws his toys all over the place, (mind you saves my energy levels, LOL), if it squeaks, he loves it beyond belief. Exercise, Amazon is not a great fan of exercise, ie running, walking playing fetch, (well brings the ball back anyway, hes not quite worked that one out yet), but swimming, he will swim for hours on end and think nothing of it. He frequently swims up to people that are boating on our local lake/pond. He has even been known to swim after footballs that have been kicked into the lake by mistake, although he cant get hold of the ball he does try and get it back to land, (lol).

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Since bringing Jade into the house, he has been a perfect boyfriend to her, trying to teach her when she is doing wrong, and looking out for her. Best of all he dotes on her like you would not believe. My original plan was to just find Jade another good home, but knowing how fond of her amazon is, I don’t think I could separate them now. Sometimes like all us men, aNd because Jade is always so excitable, I have seen him sneak of into another room for some piece and quite. Guessing she must be quite a nagger in their lanaguage, (LOL).