For The Love Of All Our Pets

Welcome to Jades Profile Page

Meet Jade, Jade is a Rottweiler that we recently rescued.


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A friend of mine had told me about a dog that was being kept in a cage not much bigger than herself and had been purchased from one of these Puppy Farms in the UK where they pups are fed on porridge and left in pens that are never cleaned. Although we did not know all of this at the time, some of the details we found out after we got her home. I then went to see Jade under a rouse, offered to buy her and the family agreed at £150.00. Jade then came home with me.

It very quickly became clear once Jade was home, that we had a large number of behavior problems to understand and deal with. The most prominent of which was her, constant excitement, Jade wasn’t just pleased to see or be around people but she was manic to the point she could not contain herself. Also we had to deal with the fact she want to eat everything, by this we don’t just mean chewing, Jade would quite literally eat everything, at one point we went through something like 13 TV remote controls in a month, she eat her way through a wooden TV cabinet and numerous other items of furniture. Another problem we have is that we have to watch her when people are walking past the house or ring the door bell, she is so protective she almost goes straight through the front door before we open it. Local people now even cross the road just to walk past our house.

It is taking time, but we are slowly managing to deal with her issues, although it is mainly the excitement that we are now having problems with.

THE Life of JADE
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Coming very soon, Jade will have her own dedicate slideshow and with any luck a few videos as well. Please bare with us as this is kind of a long process and we have various other sections within the site are more important to complete first. All current pictures of Jade can be found within the standard slideshow at the moment.