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THE CREW Born 26th October 2009

On the Monday 26th Ocotber 2009, I was in the lounge relaxing with a bit of ironing and watching something on the tv. In the kitchen I had a nice frozen pizza cooking away, almost ready, possibly something like 5-10 minutes away. There was me really looking forward to a serious chill out session after a long day.

Then when i went into the kitchen, Jade was laid down in a little cubby hole, that’s odd, dogs in kitchen and laid down, that just was not normal. Then to my absolute horror, something moved behind her, I bent down to look and there were three little sausages moving around. It turned out that the smell of my wonderful cooking, (ye rit, LOL), had caused her to go into labour

THE CREW of Amazon & Jade

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Well what more can I say, that was my pizza all forgotten about, lol. Well that was it, all hands to the pump, single bloke looking for towels and blankets, anything just to help her be comfortable, (you know it wasnt happening, lol), but I did manage to find enough to keep her comfy. I then chose to sit with her to ensure she was going to be okay. Within a few minutes she was far more relaxed and comfortable, when she started to push again, gently yet another one appeared. She rose to her feet and then did exactly what she is meant to do, cleaned the little guy up, moved him around with her nose a little until she heard him cry. She then proceeded to sit on him. Have you ever tried to move a Rottweiler who just wants to lie down and relax, not an easy task at the best of times, but I managed to lift her just enough for me to move the little guy out of the way. This procedure kind of repeated itself for the following 3 or 4 puppies. As they were arriving, I was trying to keep count and sex them at the same time, up to this point we had nothing but lads and a count of roughly 6 little sausages crawling around her.

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During the next birth however, some just was not right, she seemed uneasy, uncomfortable and not so relaxed. I managed to get her to lie back down again and sat there gently rubbing/stroking her abdominal area, trying to get her to relax as much as possible. Within a few minutes I could she was getting ready for the next guy to arrive, after a few good attempts the head finally appears, (Opp’s, I smell burning, that’s the pizza gone to crispy heaven, lol). But I could see just from the head that this was a large puppy, (my head is spinning, I dont know what I’m doing, lol), the minutes just seemed to go on and on, I don’t know how long but I realised she wasn’t coping and I would have to intervene. Gently easing at the head as I felt her tense up we managed to get the shoulders out and then very quickly this rather larger than normal puppy arrived. Thankfully she was straight on her feet and followed through with her normal routine. This puppy was a big lad. Within a few minutes she was laid back down and relaxing again. I will admit that it was late by now and she had been going for a good 6 hours or so. I don’t know about her but I was shattered.

Over the next hour or so she just seemed to relax and perhaps sleep, during which time I do a recount, we are up to 7 puppies, but what I hadn’t noticed, (I think I had popped to the bathroom or something), she had given birth to another one, now this little guy was tiny, I really cant tell you how small he was. He easily fitted into the palm of my hand, but I could see there was something not quite right so I kept a close eye on him. Jade didn’t seem to fuss over him as much as the rest, even to the point where sometimes it looked as though she was trying to push him away. It soon transpired that there was no bond between, all I could do was watch them both closely as the night went on. Over the next few hours she continued to have another 3 health little pups. One of whom was still a fraction smaller than the rest but everything between Jade and the pup appeared fine.

Poor amazon, (Dad) throughout this has been closed out of the kitchen via a baby gate. Like a dotting dad, he had remained at that gate all night passing up and down, wondering what was happening and why he wasn’t allowed in the same room.

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It was now the early hours of the morning, Jade had given birth to a total of 11 puppies, all as cute and adorable as the last. However it was now time for the little guys to latch on to mum and try to feed.

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