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May 31st 2007Elvis is truly my best friend.

I met Elvis, my German Shepherd, when he was 7 weeks old, he was born May, 31, 2007. We heard about a couple who had a litter of 11 puppies in Connecticut that needed to be adopted. We drove out to see the puppies and could’t believe how adorable they were! But one puppy was jumping and climbing on his siblings and jumped out of the pen and into my arms. We looked into each other’s eyes and that was it, love at first sight, I knew he would be mine! We had to wait 5 days to go back and get him, the longest 5 days of my life! Finally the day arrived and we drove Elvis back to our NYC apartment, he quickly took over the place and started playing with his toys!

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Elvis is now 2 ½ and an amazing dog. He loves to play fetch, frisbee, soccer, tug of war and wrestling with his other doggy friends. He’s a very sweet boy, but an incredible watch dog and is very protective of his pack. Elvis is very smart, understands many commands and words. He’s been raised in the city, but loves going upstate to our rental house. He loves snow more than anything in the world and could stay out and play in it all day. He is a lot of fun, always getting into something and then smiling to get his way out of trouble. He’s very handsome and he knows it! He thinks he’s a lap dog and loves to sleep in the human bed at night, giving the humans no room to sleep! Elvis is truly my best friend.

Having heard so many amazing stories and seen so many pictures from all of the Cyber Aunties that have been kind enough to support our puppies with gifts and advice, i felt we should enable the Great Cyber Aunties to share their stories. This section is open to any body and everybody who wants to have their picture and stories posted on the web site. Most importantly are all of the Cyber Aunties that have supported me in so many different ways with the crew as they grew up.

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